If trained in the right manner, dogs
enjoy working.

Training must be performed by experts
and professionals who can train your
dog aiming to facilitate its character
development and to build an harmonious
relationship between dog and owner
respecting each dogs personality.

Our dog centre is run be Mauro Frison,
ENCI authorized trainer and official
Schutzdienst performer for utility
and protection trials.

- Train to obedience for all types of dogs: it includes all basic obedience such as heeling on, sits, downs and recalls
exercised by the trainer. This sequence is then exercised by the owner. The training is to be considered completed
when the dog and the owner can exercise together in a perfect feeling.

We also provide the following services:

- Preparation for working trials: for all utility and protection dog races.
- Preparation of all 3 parts of a Schutzhund trial: tracking, obedience and protection phases.
- Reeducation of dogs with problematic attitudes.
- Preparation for guard dogs (private home utility).