Mauro Frison was born in Chambery – France
in 1963, he bought his first German Shepherd dog
when he was 19 years old. He started to attend
classes in some dog centres till his meeting with
Mr Antonio Bellò, a very well-known professional
trainer. Mauro became very soon so keen and
enthusiastic that he decided to change his life and
dedicate all his time to dogs.
At Mr Bellò’s kennel he started to work with all the
races of dogs like German Shepherds, Boxes,
Rottweilers, Dobermans etc. thus starting to know
their characteristics and psychology. In that period
he attended many competitions and became regional
Training Champion in Veneto.
After so many years spent with the dogs Mauro is capable to prepare any dog for competitions of any level and is an official Schutzdienst performer.

Mauro’s Curriculum Vitae:

- 1990: becomes official SAS – ENCI – BCI – RCI Schutzdienst perfomer. He purchases his German Shepherd puppy “Simeon von Kassler Kreuz” in Germany.
- 1992: opens his dog centre Centro Cinofilo del Pauso.
- 1993: attends the FCI World Championship in Belgium with the Italian team and gains the seventeenth place with an excellent score.
- 1994: attends the FCI World Championship in Varese – Italy and gains the fifth place among 100 participants. He wins the Italian Championship for German Shepherd Dogs.
- 1995: tenth place at the WUSW World Championship in Hungary, second place at the Italian Schutzdienst Championship.
- 1996 – 1998: a pause, health troubles interrupt his sport activity.
- 1999: last participation with his Simeon at the World Championship. Although Simeon was quite old Mauro obtains a very good result. After Simeon’s retirement Mauro competes with other dogs such as Quote vom Haus Shiho with whom he starts his breeding kennel .
- 2005: purchases “Frieder von der Gertelbach”, a prestigious high quality dog.
- 2007: attends the WUSW World Championship in Slovakia, he obtains the second place at the Italian Schutzdienst Championship.
- 2008: attends the WUSW World Championship in the U.S.A., obtains the first place at the Italian Schutzdienst Championship.
- 2009: his adventures start again with his new dog fellow “Polo aus der Koenigskohle”.

Michelle Darimont.

She was born in Belgium and showed already as a young girl a special passion for all the animals especially for dogs. When she was 24 in 1986 she started with professional dogs training.

Michelle and Mauro met in 1993 and became partners in working with dogs. In 2002 Michelle moved to Italy and started working at the dog centre.

Michelle’s Curriculum Vitae:

-1989: purchases her German Shepherd puppy “Ilk von der Hegewiese” , a very talented dog with whom she competes and shares beautiful life experiences.
-1992: qualifies with the Belgian team for the WUSW World Championship in Austria during which she performs a very good Schutzdienst with score 97 points (97/100).
- 1993: attends the WUSW World Championship in Holland and obtains the tenth individual place and the first team place.
- 1994: attends the WUSW World Championship in Cechian Republic and obtains the sixteenth place (best result of the Belgian team).
- 1995: attends the WUSW W. Championship in Hungary.
- 1996: her dog IlK, who had qualified at the fifth pace at the W. Championship, dies suddenly . Ilk had obtained many awards (CAC – RCBA – CACIT).
- 1998: attends the WUSW W. Championship in the U.S.A. with her dog “Tollo” whom she breeded and trained.
- 1998 – 2002: has been training many dogs trying to find the right dog for her competitions.
- 2002: purchases “Aron von Jeckervallej” with whom she moves to Italy. With Aron she attends many competitions until Aron gets injured and must be withdrawn.
- 2010: has been training with a very good female “Fly von der Will”.